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Commercial real estate performance

Fuzhou Cangshan District Land Development and Construction Investment Co., LTD. (Jinshan Orange Park Industrial Park project D permanent electricity) project

Fuzhou Cangshan District land development and construction investment Co., LTD

(Jinshan Orange Park Industrial Park projectDPermanent electricity) project Yonghui Group Yonghui office small three box project

•思美Xiang Food (Longhai) Co., LTD. Electrical engineering project

•榕The Summer Hill County project

Torch digital plaza special expansion project

Fuan Dongbai Square commercial public area decoration south district project

Fuzhou Construction Development Group Co., LTD

Xiamen Tianma shift dormitory building mechanical and electrical engineering

China Baowu (Fujian) regional business R&D center project

Fujian Xinrongjia wood industry Co., LTD

Nine CloudsBLand supply and distribution supplement project

Quanzhou Maocheng Binjiang International hotel distribution box project

Dongbairuixing Foshan Sanshui Logistics Center project

China Textile Zhangzhou power supply system distribution diagram

•厦Menanren Industrial Park (Phase II) project

Tongxiang General plant phase II permanent power project

Xiangyu Group headquarters building permanent power project

Fuzhou Wanxin Business District construction project permanent power distribution project

央墅3302Distribution box project