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Variable frequency power cabinet

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Product introduction

    Variable frequency power cabinet

    Product characteristics

    1. □ Can provide industry-specific needs solutions, can be based on Require secondary development。

    2. □ The use of motor special control chip, the use of advanced magnetic optimization With vector control algorithm, the operation characteristics are better。

    3. □ 标准LEDKeyboard, multi-channel monitoring parameters can be flexibly set;

    4. 7Multi-function input terminals that can be configured,1Multifunction switch Route collectorOCOutput (can be external expansion card to become relay output), 2Circuit programmable relay contact output type。

    5. □ 3Channel analog signal0~ + 10V0~20mA)inpass 道,2Voltage and current Optional analog signal output channel。

    6. □ Enhancements to the standard configurationPDRegulator, independent closed-loop adjustment parameters, convenient for users to carry out reliable closed-loop control of temperature, pressure and flow, etc. Special controller for water supply can simplify the control system structure and reduce costs。

    7. □ 标准RS485Interface optional, easy to implementPLCThe connection of other industrial control equipment such as industrial computer and frequency converter can also realize the continuous operation of multi-frequency converter。

    8. □ Input phase missing, output phase missing, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, output short circuit, etc20A variety of protection functions, can achieve fast and effective protection of inverter and motor。

    Typical application

    Widely used in urban and rural various types of tap water supply system

    。High-rise building water supply, domestic water and fire water

    Constant pressure control of closed loop water under industrial production conditions

    Boiler feed pump, thermal heating circulation pump automatic control

    Farmland irrigation, fountain control

    。Air conditioning system and cooling water control

    Flow systems for water plants, pumping stations and petrochemical industries

    Secondary pressure control